Bearing Witness

Asking “What sermon do I want to give?” is so much easier than asking “What example do I want to set?”

But even then, danger lurks…

If setting an example is my goal, my ego still needs a lesson in humility. If my intentions are pure, “setting an example” is just a possible fringe benefit of doing the right thing, allowing the sincerity and integrity of my actions to speak for themselves.

In other words, I become an authentic role model only to the degree that I am not trying to be one. Being an authentic role model is nothing more or less than the integrity to be my best self, whether others are watching or not.

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A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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  1. Intentionally “setting an example.” Would that be the same trhing as role-modeling by living the best life you can? I don’t know. I “intentionally role-model” just by living the way I know I can live. It isn’t exactly intentional, yet it is. Chances are nobody pays attention to me, I am not indiscript, but nor do I stand out in a crowd. Yet, yes, I know I am a role model for anyone who might want be looking for one. However, 99% of the world would not look at me as a role-model, I do not fit their expectations of what a human “should” be. How can I, there is no “should” in being human, or even in just being alive. Life is what YOU make it, fot YOURSELF. Still, English is a funny language. I think somewhere in my mind I am intentionally setting an example, not necessarily of “me.” but of being a “living entity in this beingness called life.”

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    • Indeed… our role models are everywhere… typically unassuming. (and typically not in the limelight, except reluctantly). If we do not see them we are looking in all the wrong places.

      Of course, as you say, just BE a role model without trying to be one… by simply being your best self. Thanks and peace.


  2. Reblogged this on ~Burning Woman~ and commented:
    Another reblog from Frank J. Peter’s series: Meditation on Faith. The message is clear and unequivocal, but I’m reblogging also as a counter to those who take exception to these kinds of reminders. We need reminding because, honestly folks, as rank and filers, we are not nice people and we seriously need to rethink the way we are proceeding in life… in general. I have a lot to say about man’s inhumanity to man, but I know that the best “witnessing” I do is when I join hands with people I have little in common with to (at this time) help rebuild houses destroyed in natural disasters. If I didn’t involve myself thus, I would not be able to say a damn thing. We do, we change ourselves, THEN we can put up our hand and ask for permission to speak.

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    • Thank you so much, Sha’Tara… for sharing your thoughts and for sharing this with others… but thank you, most of all, for being the embodiment of the utterly simple, but profoundly powerful force called love. Sent with a warm hug. (PS. I know you’re not bragging and that you’re not seeking attention or accolades)


  3. Sermons are easily manipulative and likely embellished. Living well is hard for someone who can only dream, or speak of excellence. “I’ll never measure up, that’s where jesus takes over” is a cop-out creating generations of underachieving believers.

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    • Yep. EASY Jesus, SAVIOR Jesus, is really SCAPEGOAT Jesus… the ultimate scapegoat upon which “the faithful” readily pile up all their shortcomings… a super easy sell to the frustrated, desperate, and vulnerable so willing to accept a universal get out of jail free card.

      That said, I put Jesus the man, actual or mythical, squarely in my pantheon of heroes, not as a literal savior, but as an exemplar of an exceptional human being… a teacher of the highest order…. not just in word, but in deed.

      Thanks and peace.

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