What is one to do with something useless…

a status symbol,  an uninformed opinion, or empty platitude…

pretentious religiosity… patriotic zeal, or other unjustified pride…

other than flaunt it because you think it makes you seem special…

and maybe even superior to others?

So, beware the partisans, sectarians, flag wavers, holy rollers, pontificators, and moralizers.

Beware the most conspicuously “loyal”, “pious” and “devout”.

They are likely the biggest hypocrites.

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A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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  1. Being a believer and follower of any regimented philosophy won’t necessarily make you a hypocrite, but the submission to prescribed dogmas reduces ones own self awareness, making them vulnerable to honest double-talk, susceptible to offenses unaware, and likely to live doubly as a form of normal. Where appearance is everything, guile is given a space to flourish. Of course there are charlatans, but most want to be decent, though they gave away their ability think for themselves. Very difficult to see out of the fog of faith, and those that can see and stay, that’s where the hypocrites lay—

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    • Agreed, Jim… Most of “the faithful” are nominally decent people… vulnerable, desperate, diffident, yes… readily enthralled by fancy talkers and swayed by peer pressure, yes… but not hypocrites.

      But that said… THEY are the ones fawning over and sending their hard-earned money to the charlatans. Alas, business is booming. I will stop there… because thinking more about this makes me furious, nauseous, and heartbroken beyond words.

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