A Meditation on Faith: Sadomasochism

The “virtue” of self-denial may be the only way to feel special when one has nothing else to be proud of.

This is tragic enough, but the truest “true believer” cannot stop there…

His personal failure and self-renunciation becomes a license to impose his particular brand of suffering upon others… to inflict remorseless, even gleeful, cruelty against those who do not subscribe to his preferred style of self-flagellation.

Next Meditation: Scapegoating


3 thoughts on “A Meditation on Faith: Sadomasochism

  1. This brand of cruelty (torture) was too often inflicted upon the child victims of religious orphanages. I’ve experienced some of it. It engenders fear, a deep sense of worthlessness, failure and as you get older, anger and feelings of revenge awaken. Great way to make converts, eh?

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    • Alas, such cruelty comes in many forms… with wide-ranging and devastating consequences to bodies, minds, and spirits… not just in the here and now… but spanning continents and generations. Sorry you had a front row seat, but glad you survived.


  2. Survived and more: gained understanding even though I was past thirty and had done many unsavoury things before I found myself. It is harsh, but one can’t help but wonder: many are those brought up in permissive and “easy” homes who never find themselves at all. “It’s a strange, strange world we live in, Master Jack…”

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