A Meditation on Faith: Scapegoating

The evils of finger-pointing run much broader and deeper than… and are more consequential than… the childish avoidance of blame…

The dishonesty, unwarranted hostility, rejection of responsibility, and bigotry… all bundled into a popular and convenient excuse for one’s lack of success… are not just transgressions against others, but transgressions against oneself…

… a justification of victimhood.

… a glorification of impotence.

… a celebration of one’s failure to become fully human.

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3 thoughts on “A Meditation on Faith: Scapegoating

  1. Hey Frank…your thoughts are deeper and more profound than my own. That’s why I follow your blog. Pop you head in my latest post and leave a comment on my fiction. I’d appreciate your POV. Politics, religion…it’s all making its way into my consciousness…

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    • Wow! Your words of appreciation leave me speechless with gratitude and humility, George, as well as inspired to keep on going in the face of all manner of resistance… both internal and external. Your words carry particular weight, coming from a writer of your caliber. And thanks for the invitation to check out your latest… Stay tuned. Thanks and peace.

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