A Meditation on Faith: Carrots & Sticks, Part III

The threat of punishment or the promise of reward can make me “behave” myself…

… but neither one can transform me into a moral human being.

Next Meditation: Carrots & Sticks, Part IV


4 thoughts on “A Meditation on Faith: Carrots & Sticks, Part III

  1. Is morality innate or learned? I’d say it’s a combination. Some is genetic, but what’s learned is usually by example of perhaps our parents, friends, maybe a good teacher and the culture at large. Religion would a positive influence only if it set a good example of humanism, but unfortunately it mostly does not.

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  2. At the extreme, one could argue that only atheists truly behave morally, since they do good because it is good and abstain from evil because it is evil, not merely because they anticipate reward or punishment in an afterlife.

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    • Good point, Jim. Sometimes our existing systems of rewards and punishments are not even enough to make some behave themselves… I, for one, think we, as a society, are far too permissive when it comes to certain undesirable behaviors.

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