Coming Out: The Quest

Bogus faith… is a destination without a journey…

… an easy answer without an honest question… uncurious… self-satisfied… a closed book… freedom from… a claim that worships nothing but itself… the end of faith.

Authentic faith… is an open door… a provocative question… curious and courageous… a never-ending challenge… a freedom ever-committed to something bigger than itself… an adventure with no guarantees… always a risk… and always at risk… ever “vulnerable” to revision in the face of new evidence and experience… a never-ending call for agency, honesty, and self-examination… a radical commitment that can never be consummated… because authentic faith is not a possession, not a covenant… but a way of being… living or dying with everything I do or fail to do… filled with anguish and responsibility that requires me to justify my existence anew each and every day.

All that said, I embrace the mystery of it all, enjoy the seeking, and relish the challenge and adventure. I reject the bliss of ignorance… and have no fear of eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

My freedom and dignity refuse to have it any other way.

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A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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  1. “My freedom and dignity refuse to have it any other way.”

    Yes, this statement resonates with me as this is what I am. The world is blessed to have people like you, howsoever few of them there may be, and I am afraid that there are very few of them.


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    • Thanks so much for the most kind words of appreciation and encouragement, my friend. Knowing that people like you exist fills me with hope and inspires me to keep on keeping on.

      PS. At the risk of making too big a fuss about your self-deprecation, I wholeheartedly include you among “the very few” per your comment above. (I, too, would find it uncomfortable to say “us” instead of “them”)


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