Coming Out: Common Ground

The courage to say “I don’t know”, “I’m afraid”, “I’m sorry”, or “I need help” has the power to tear down so many walls that isolate us from each other.

The open admission of my imperfections and struggles allows everyone to breathe a collective sigh of relief… valuable not because it lets us off the hook, but because it might start a conversation where mutual respect, trust, and compassion have a chance to blossom.

Thus, the courage to be vulnerable has the power to transform our fears and shortcomings from sources of division and strife into a basis for solidarity, healing, and hope… inviting us to laugh together at our common foibles and cry together at our shared sufferings… giving us the chance to forgive and encourage… in other words, to become true friends.

Learn more… Coming Out: Solidarity


2 thoughts on “Coming Out: Common Ground

    • Indeed, Daniel… The COURAGE to publicly admit our ignorance is even more precious, praiseworthy, and rare than the already uncommon wisdom it takes to recognize our ignorance just in the privacy or our own hearts and minds. Thanks and peace.


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