A Meditation on Faith: Purpose

At the risk of sounding clever or trite…

The meaning of life…
… is to live a life that has meaning.

It really is that simple…
… and that hard.

Next Meditation: Free Will


5 thoughts on “A Meditation on Faith: Purpose

  1. I’ll stay with the simple. Pursuing things of interest and beauty is a simple way to fulfill purpose and find little bits of enlightenment along the way. It can be found anywhere. Great thoughts Frank.

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  2. For most of my life, I was trying to find meaning to my life in religion. I tried to be happy in life based on the teachings of the church. Having left that behind, I now try to find meaning and purpose in my own. Being able to make my own purpose and find my own meaning rather than being told what that is, can be quite rewarding. It’s just different than what I had been led to believe for so long.

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