Creation Stories

Life, well-lived, is not a scavenger hunt…

Life, well-lived, is an act of creation…

a courageous projection of hope into an uncertain future…

a future that belongs those rare and precious souls who have the guts to say and do what others are afraid to say and do.

So, beware any “authority”, creed, or enterprise enamored with dusty old scriptures, commandments, and prophecies.

Beware any “authority”, creed, or enterprise enthralled by (and therefore anesthetized into passivity by) the promises of “the divine plan”.

Beware any “authority”, creed, or enterprise devoted to a future trapped in the ancient past… a past that never was.

But, most of all, beware any “authority”, creed, or enterprise that denies the mutability of reality… thus denying you the privilege of, and abdicating the responsibility for, shaping it.

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A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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  1. It’s funny how faith has become the refuge of the timorous, the cowardly, the mentally lazy when it was (purportedly) mean to be the opposite. As long as people insist on being led rather than reach for that self empowerment, that’s how long they will be sheeple, driven into mindless rituals by the unscrupulous and the sociopaths.

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      • This now reminds me of a “teaching tool” used by one of my Teachers, YLea, a cryptic: “When none of it matters it will all be yours.” Self empowerment: to know you have “the power” to move or manipulate and to withhold using it; the reverse move, in a sense like coming to understand the speed of dark after having focused on the speed of light for so long. There is no simple way to explain this, but it is like being condemned to drowning by being tossed out into the middle of the ocean and after some pointless struggles to remain afloat, turning the ocean into your own private jacuzzi.


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