The Golden Rule, Part 11

Wouldn’t it be nice if LOVING was its own reward?

Alas, life is not that easy.

The great lovers know how frustrating, gut-wrenching, heartbreaking, dangerous, and lonely LOVING can be.

LOVE… so often a seed cast upon barren ground.

LOVE… so often anguished by self-doubt… no matter how honorable one’s intentions.

And so, the greatest lovers are those with the greatest capacity to suffer.

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Frank J Peter View All →

A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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  1. I would add the greatest lovers are those that can navigate, or separate from the thickness of tyrannical religion and, by their very nature find a way to love. It comes naturally to the few that can see out of the fog of divisive faith.

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