Creation Stories

Everything does happen for a reason…

It’s called the universe…

an incomprehensibly vast and eternal something…

that, according to every honest report and experiment since the dawn of time, obeys the immutable laws of nature.

We, too, are an inseparable part of that universe… and subject to nature’s laws… ALL of us… no exceptions.

But here’s the interesting and mysterious bit…

While the unavoidable laws of nature must be understood… and, while much of the reality that ensues from those laws must be adapted to… REALITY is also created… by everything I do… or fail to do… each and every day.

If that sobering realization doesn’t make me feel privileged, powerful, accountable, and thrilled to be alive, what will?

Existentialism Humanism

Frank J Peter View All →

A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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  1. Accountability. Seems Frank that a huge segment of our population is truly waiting for god to come fix our problems, while they believe in being good stewards, it only shapes into a reality AFTER they accumulate and use every possible resource—then, we can live simply.

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