A Meditation on Civilization: Fear of Authority

One reason the world is so screwed up…

… is that most of us continue to think, believe, and do exactly what those in power… the preachers, politicians, and other snake oil salesmen… have trained us to think, believe, and do.

Next Meditation: Tribalism


10 thoughts on “A Meditation on Civilization: Fear of Authority

    • Dangerous indeed. An existential threat to the powers that be… and therefore a risk for anyone who dares to challenge the “authorities”. Fortunately, I personally need not worry about being executed for blasphemy or imprisoned for treason… although billions living elsewhere live in such tyranny even this day. Thanks and peace.

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  1. I know many conservatives embrace authority more, but even as a conservative myself, I do not. What I cannot stand is abuse of authority, and hypocrisy in authority! Parents, teachers, politicians, law etc… no one is immune from my criticism if they act hypocritically and unjustly. Authority has a place, but that does not mean it should not be questioned and held accountable! The double standards, hypocrisy and condescension we have in wielding our authority over our children is appalling if one would look, for example, and imagine treating any other human being that way! The greatest test of character is how you treat those beneath you and cannot fight back. When no one’s there to hold YOU accountable! That’s a real test of character and integrity!

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