A Meditation on Civilization: Tribalism

Every day, thousands of innocent newborns are thrust into so many parallel universes.

Incapable of informed consent… and totally at the mercy of their elders for their survival and tutelage… each precious, trusting child is automatically and exquisitely channeled… for better or worse… by the myths, customs, and dictates of “their” nationality, race, creed, caste, clan, sex, and gender…

… isolating otherwise compassionate and cooperative souls into hostile competitors, each absolutely convinced of their righteousness and moral superiority…

… alienating them, not just from each other, but from their very selves…

… and dooming us all to scarcity, division, and violence.

Next Meditation: Rich Dad, Poor Dad


13 thoughts on “A Meditation on Civilization: Tribalism

  1. This says a lot and so true….but no way out. No way to change it except by those lucky enough to be raised by loving open minded intelligent conscientious people, of which the world sadly lacks.

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    • So many chicken and egg problems indeed, Mary. The least I can do is to declare myself a free agent… in word and deed… by not belonging to or supporting any of the inherently divisive enterprises… nation, church, party, sect, caste, or clan… that are OTHER THAN.

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  2. Very true. It was well into my 20s that I realized I lacked identity and individuality because up behind raised in a close-minded religion. It’s a lot to overcome. But, we might not all be doomed.

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    • I, too, had my first such epiphany in my late 20s… thankfully at an age where I had the opportunity to recover myself and to do something about it.

      BTW, please pardon my inclination to hyperbole… You, as well as others present, are the existence proof that we are not all doomed, although we certainly have to deal with the poisonous fallout. Thanks and peace.

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  3. Kia had a great post yesterday where he said “Don’t be satisfied with Tales and Myths passed on by generations who had less business Pontificating about the Nature of the Universe and its Creation than do highly educated and accomplished scientists and explorers who Have temerity and Gaul to admit what they don’t know… yet, and the courage and fortitude to keep asking questions that haven’t been answered” The idea was about the awesome power of “I don’t know…yet! Great post again Frank.

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