Coming Out: Vicious Cycles

Guess what would happen if…

… an Israeli Jewish baby and Palestinian Muslim baby…

… or Northern Irish Republican Catholic baby and Northern Irish Loyalist Protestant baby…

… or an Indian Hindu baby and a Pakistani Muslim baby…

… were secretly exchanged at birth.

Anybody with even half a brain and half a heart knows quite well what would happen…

Oblivious to the reality of their “true identities”, each innocent, trusting child would grow up to fear, probably despise, possibly hate, and someday commit violence against the other… each for being something that neither of them was in the first place.

And anybody with a brain also knows who is guilty of poisoning the minds and hearts of so many innocent, trusting children.

To be fair, were not the true-believing, patriotic poisoners themselves also innocent, trusting children once upon a time?

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  1. Power seems like a difficult task if those children were not hating someone, or something. I think that yes. the d bags were kids at one point, just like us.I find myself wondering how much choice or freedom is involved with those people on any given day. Yet, folks like you manage to overcome that conditioning, what possible excuse can they have before torching a 5 year old to punish mommy for reading the wrong fairytale? I honestly don’t know where the threshold is on this one. Where does fault supersede the reality of conditioning and cycles like this? Killing, taking food, beating a husband or wife? I try to hold the line at real harm done, but that is hard to measure given that a belief system can be ‘real harm’ in and of itself.

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    • I hear you, brother. Thanks for sharing. Not letting anybody off the hook here… just describing the lay of the land and the vicious chicken and egg nature of the problem. To be clear, I am no pacifist. Some evils need to be confronted directly… at the very least by quarantining the bad actor… and possibly resorting to deadly force.


  2. Personal experience says that you are quite correct. Unless born with a “quirk” that tells them their parents, teachers, etc, are wrong, children believe what they are told. Early formative years are pure brainwashing. A child reared by apes will believe s/he is an ape and ape its “parents” and “siblings”.

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    • Thanks for sharing. I would add that our propensity to mimic and trust our elders and to engage uncritically in self-serving bias conspires wth popularity and peer pressure to create a grand illusion of truth… to the detriment of all.

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  3. Lucky you and I weren’t switched at birth. If so you’d look like an asshole :)) Hey, great points. The kids in the science class here at my uber right wing country school were arguing against your point Frank. They were insisting if they were born in Iran or Saudi Arabia that they would still be Christian. The indo cranation runs deep into the well of ridiculous.

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