Propagation of the Species

Humans play God all the time.

Billions of babies have come and continue to come kicking and screaming into a dangerous world, completely at the mercy of billions of ignorant and confused “adults” for their survival and tutelage.

How can an entire species so perplexed about the meaning of life be so eager to create new lives… without the deepest reflection, without even shallow reflection, on why we are here?

So, why should anyone have reproductive rights… that is, the right to create new human beings without ever having to answer why… not just to themselves, but also to the rest of us?

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    • I hear you, George, The best answer I can come up with is that I support continued, mindful reproduction just to see how far “We” can go and grow as a species… where “We” includes all generations past and who knows how many generations to come. That said, I would love to see how it all turns out… especially to see if my own humble contributions to eternity (part of the meaning I give to my short life) were worth a darn.


  1. Seriously, it has been pointed out that in societies where there is some semblance of social justice, some reasonable sharing of wealth and people need not starve to death, that the level of pregnancies greatly reduces. I think we’re looking through the wrong end of the telescope, as usual, blaming victims for the deadly perpetrations of oppressors, from the European predatory empires to the current US-NATO hegemon essentially functioning in the same vein. An equitable global system of wealth distribution might reveal an answer we can only speculate about under the current regime of, to use that word again, predatory capitalism.


    • Social justice is a central factor to sure… another topic that could fill volumes… and includes so many aspects that make life miserable for billions: tyranny, patriarchy, superstition (religion), tribalism, economic exploitation… to name but a few. That said, I am not a proponent of progress by coercion, but by education that cultivates responsible freedom. I choose to invest a good deal of my time and energy in that fledgling effort.


      • I think that should mean some kind of redistribution of wealth; the return of indigenous lands and focusing on alleviating current obvious needs while allowing people to find their own way once they have some security and enough to eat. That of course means terminating all imperial hegemonic wars.


  2. I strongly feel popping out kids you can’t feed, clothe, educate, provide for and love should NOT be a “human right”! Just because I’m still opposed to the government legislating reproduction (aside from how on earth would they enforce it after the deed is done…), but it’s a matter of “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!” Having sex like a handshake then not taking accountability for your offspring, and asking for charity and sympathy maddens me deeply. I feel for the kids, but the inept and stupid parents who got themselves into those straights? Never! This hook up culture of casual sex and the feelings of entitlement to have kids you can’t provide for and pop them out like rabbits is insane! It’s a culture of instant gratification, whatever feels good, and lack of accountability! Amazes me how many would decline getting a pet since it would be too expensive and not enough time to care for properly, yet think nothing of adding kid #6 to the family! What a sorry state our society is in!

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