Coming Out: Hello World!

My name is Frank Peter…. and I have an announcement to make…


There… I said it… in writing… for the very first time… without reservation or apology… for all to see.

If you’d like to know why I don’t believe in God, why I am declaring my non-belief so publicly, and what I DO believe… stay tuned for more…

… to be presented as one man’s prayer for global solidarity and peace.

Learn More… Coming Out: Riddle Me This…


31 thoughts on “Coming Out: Hello World!

  1. Frank, welcome aboard, or congratulations, and where to go from here? I’m looking forward to hearing more. All that stuff before, it can’t be undone. There is only one path taken and if people believe they can take two at the same time, they are delusional. GROG

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  2. It takes courage to admit that Frank. It’s not an easy thing to do for so many people, especially those who have been in religion for so long. I have wrestled back and forth with my beliefs and my lack of beliefs. I haven’t said those words out loud myself, in public or in writing but I can see it coming sooner than later. It’s just hard to let go even when you’ve kind of already let go…if that makes any sense.

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    • Hi, Ben. Certainly it is very difficult to let go of something that was once was so dear. For me, believing that everything is natural, gives me peace of mind and a will to enjoy this life. I made known my non-belief over the years, so it was easy. But, just today and for the first time, I shared an anti-religion video to facebook friends. GROG

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      • Thank you Frank. That means a lot. Although I haven’t said the words, it is pretty obvious that my views are not of one who still believes. I’ve never been one for labels such as Christian, atheist or otherwise. But as far as belief in God, I don’t believe either. I just don’t. I am open to any and all evidence but as it stands, I remain unconvinced. In a world where there is no god revealing him/her/itself to any of us, it still amazes me that we still have debates and discussions on whether or not a god exists. If one did, I would expect us all to know it and we don’t. Even those of us who tried and tried to find God out of sincere desire have failed to find God. Hide and seek is a child’s game. It should not be played by a supreme being who threatens eternal consequences to those who don’t believe.

        Take care Frank. I look forward to your future posts.

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        • Hear, hear, Ben. All your points are well taken. Like you say so honestly and exquisitely: “I just don’t”

          It took me some time to say the words “I don’t believe in God.” not because I was afraid… not because I was being polite… but because I had not yet worked through what I meant by those five simple words until just the past few days… and have come to understand the many pervasive and insidious ways that superstitious nonsense causes so much pointless suffering and stifles material and moral progress everywhere.

          Glad you’re here, man… on planet earth, that is… and I look forward to your engagement as I roll things out. Thanks and peace.

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    • Thanks for the good humor, Bill, and also for alluding to yet another way the “God” meme persists… namely that the word God has insidiously infiltrated our minds by infiltrating our language with such matter of fact insertions of the word God… so much so that people never question what the word “God” even means or much less even the consider the possibility that God does not exist.

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