Coming Out: The Three-Letter-Word, Part I

I don’t believe in god, gods, God, “God”, GOD, G-O-D, G*O*D, [god], or <GOD>…

My intellect and moral compass will not allow me to accept any of the many competing conceptions of God (for lack of a better word) that I have been exposed to.

No matter how male, female, or genderless… no matter his/her/its name… no matter what “holy” book he/she/it inspired… no matter how earthly or divine… no matter how singular or plural… no matter how many supposed revelations, miracles, or prophecies fulfilled… no matter how paternal or maternal… no matter how enticing his/her/its promises or terrifying his/her/its threats…

I remain unmoved, to say the least…

That said, my door is always open, so… If anyone out there has a conception of God that fits the data provided by our everyday experience and does not insult my moral sensibilities, please share it.

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4 thoughts on “Coming Out: The Three-Letter-Word, Part I

  1. I’ve run into apologists that told me they don’t believe in god either, or God, but only THE GOD™️ Somehow spelling matters, so good call Frank.
    The second half is those that criticize writing style and dismiss all content. Always fun to argue those spiraling for greatness 🎯

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