The Five-Letter-Word, Part 1


How did humankind ever get to the point where “having faith”, in other words, believing the unbelievable, is held in such high regard?

As if “having faith”, in and of itself, is a virtue.

If that is so, then what is believed matters nothing at all.

What matters, and all that matters, is that you believe.

By what criteria, then, can one belief be chosen over all the other contenders?

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A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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  1. Hey, y’all.
    Sitting here reading ads for house cleaning services: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness; His Way Cleaning Christian Home Cleaning Co. (redundancy theirs); Blessing Total Cleaning Service; Dependable Christian Woman Will Make Your Home SHINE!” My fav—“Cinderellas (sic) Home Cleaning Service.” I thought she and the prince lived happily ever after. Must have been a wicked witch involved.
    What you said about “virtue” seems to apply to commercial classified ads.
    There is a 77% chance (in this state) that whomever I hire to do anything will be of that religious persuasion. I expect it. Do they have to tell me?
    And that next to last one? Another episode of The Shining, biblical style.

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  2. I would venture a quick thought, that “belief” is the root of all war, contention, division and hate. But I’d have to give it a couple minutes to prove it…Done! Faith in your belief is double systemic failure. Time to reconfigure the main power coupling.

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  3. Quote: “Can it really be that the most exemplary and admirable believer is he who believes the most unbelievable thing?” Faith is used as a place holder in a sense, for what is missing in the performance of religious activities. As Hebrews 11:1 states in the KJV bible, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen.” Two things I have personally experienced with that approach as a person with great faith myself in the long ago. One, without the constant guidance of the “Holy Spirit” faith is meaningless as it will lead one to believe anything one is inclined to believe and vice-versa. Or, if not Mr. unreliable HS, one needs to totally rely on church attendance, leadership, sermons, bible reading and studies and reading a plethora of Christian literature to determine what should be believed by faith and what should not. You see the idiocy of this? Faith itself is the greatest problem in believing by faith. Faith is not a virtue but a clerical invention of mind control. Faith has no power to guide anyone into any desired path of either knowledge or proper approach to service even when one attempts to base such upon the synoptic gospels (I rejected the ‘gospel’ according to John). I could say a lot more but that is already too long.

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    • Indeed. Delusion abounds… causing untold suffering everywhere. Delusion, in and of itself is problem enough, but when one believer’s delusion conflicts with another believer’s delusion then the barbarism really begins. One of many reasons I have been compelled to come out. Thanks, GROG.

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  4. Faith is religion’s (necessitated) self-defence mechanism, and without it belief would simply crumble under the weight of its unsubstantiated claims. Religion knows this and that is why faith is promoted as a virtue whereby the faithful are rewarded for enduring what is called, “tests of faith.”

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  5. I was a Christian for most of my life based on faith. I believed because I was taught to believe. The Bible says that faith is a virtue. It has to say that, because without faith, it is not to be believed. You need to have faith that the stories passed down orally generation after generation were correct before being put into writing. Then you need to have faith that God allowed all of the changes and contradictions to make it into the Bible. Then you need to have faith that he has allowed billions upon billions to follow this misinformation in his name. You need to believe all of this without any evidence beyond words on a page. That is asking a lot.

    Faith is not the same as confidence as some believers will tell you. Faith is believing when there is no good reason to. Faith is what you have when there is no evidence. Faith is a crutch that prevents you from learning and accepting reality…at least I think so anyway. I don’t know too much about other religions, but if you need faith to believe in any of them (and you absolutely do) then they are all equally unbelievable.

    Nice post Frank. Looking forward to more.

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