Coming Out: A Message to the Apologists, Part II

I am at once infuriated and nauseated by your shameless lies and tactics.

And I am compelled to wonder why you do what you do… not out of idle curiosity… but in a sincere effort to understand the true the nature of the beast.

To that end, I educated myself in the domain of psychopathology.

Then, I simply watched you in action and took notes.

And it all became crystal clear…

You aren’t stupid. You are quite clever… too clever in fact.

Neither are you insane. You know exactly what you are doing.

So, what could it be if not for stupidity or insanity?

The answer, of course, is a simple as it is disturbing.

EVIL really does exist… and YOU are one of its ugly faces.

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14 thoughts on “Coming Out: A Message to the Apologists, Part II

  1. Pretty much in a nutshell. Many years ago when I was a Christian, preachers often said that Carl Sagan was evil — a tool of the devil. Clearly, he was on to these apologists like white on rice.

    “There is no question that religions have historically played the role of making people contented with their lot. …such a doctrine would be very appealing to the ruling classes of a society. …Many societies, for this reason alone, encourage the contentment with your lot that the religious premise of heaven affords.

    Many religions lay out a set of precepts… and claim that these instructions were given by a god or gods. For example, the first code of law by Hammurabi of Babylon… was handed to him by the god Marduk… this is a bamboozle… a pious hoax. …if Hammurabi had merely said, “Here’s what I think everybody should do,” he would have been much less successful…” ~ Carl Sagan

    Oh, and while we’re on the subject, I was quite involved in the “music ministry” during this time. I had always been dependable on following through with my responsibilities in the church. One Sunday, I had “special music”, but I couldn’t attend church that day, so I arranged for someone else to cover for me.

    I called the preacher before church services to let him know I wouldn’t be at church, and had made arrangements for someone else to do special music. Then I said “but I will be with you all in spirit.”

    He responded by saying: “The spirit doesn’t tithe.”

    I was a charter member there. I never stepped foot in that church again after that.

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