Coming Out: A Message to the Apologists, Part III

I have no interest in debating you…

… for at least three reasons.

One, there is no debate. The case against your ridiculous and poisonous ideas has already been made… a thousand-fold.

Two, doing so runs the risk of granting a perverse credibility to you, your ilk, and your disingenuous tactics.

Three, it is exasperating, exhausting, and pointless to try to reason with someone who will remain “faithful” no matter how irrational and immoral their position might be.

The only reason I might invest my precious time and consume internet bandwidth engaging you at all is to influence the lurkers who might stumble upon our “conversation” with sincere interest.

So, challenge me if your dare, but be advised… If I respond, don’t for a micro-second confuse that with respect for either you or your agenda.

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  1. Our target audience are the seekers and those who have really not considered which side of the fence they are on. When I hear someone say they are skeptic, or agnostic or there is still a possibility (?) my question is, “Do you seriously believe in resurrection?!?” For all those who really believe that this will happen to them, I say they are crazy and humanity deserves better. They have been screwing around with this for 2000 sucking years. Hitchens asks, what will happen when these messianic nut bags get hold of an apocalyptic weapon? GROG

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    • Agreed, agreed, agreed. 1) We have two kilo-years (and counting) of terrorism and brainwashing to overcome. 2) Your Socratic method is both a rational and humane way to wake people up. 3) The consequences of remaining hypnotized by superstitious nonsense are far more severe (even without self-annihilation) than even the most tolerant believers realize. Thanks and peace, GROG.


        • Wow, GROG. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this.

          I, too, place Christopher Hitchens squarely in my pantheon of heroes…. not just for his honesty and eloquence, but for his uncommon courage. I have been deeply awakened by and profoundly inspired by his books and videos of his encounters with so many apologists on YouTube.

          But I had not seen this particular “debate” until you shared it… a particularly infuriating and nauseating illustration of the sinister tactics of this Muslim Apologist-Terrorist… a telling window into the depth of evil that we are up against. That said, I was deeply moved by Christopher’s honesty, humanity, and courage in his final days. I don’t know how anybody can watch this and not be deeply moved and inspired to action.

          Thanks & peace.


  2. “The only reason I might invest my precious time and consume internet bandwidth engaging you at all is to influence the lurkers who might stumble upon our “conversation” with sincere interest.”

    Exactly! I’ve received numerous emails from lurkers throughout the years I’ve been involved in discourse and blogging. Our investments are not in vain.

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  3. If an apologist trying to argue a god into existence is the best a god can provide, then that’s a pretty pathetic being, and not worthy of being called a god. Any god who wants me to know it exists would already know that philosophical word games are unconvincing, and would send something better.

    Apologetics aren’t intended to persuade atheists anyway. They’re just to let theists feel smart. But the theists keep trying to throw them at us anyway.

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  4. Frank I think you have it, pretty much. This “there is no debate”, is because we nonbelievers understand there is no supernatural, god if you will. The deluded are impervious to anything, But, in one way it is not their fault because they were born into it. But, I don’t feel sorry for their being scammed. The tide against the monotheistic delusion must continue. Europe is much further, I think, along the road to secularism. The education system in this country is a problem, but the kids are communicating and hopefully grog-ing. There are many people and organizations that are pro-atheism, but little unity. I see this as a battle to eliminate the delusion of the supernatural. Every religion is based on this delusion. It is only the monotheists who say, ours is the only way, and it applies to everyone, And soon the world will end, god willing. GROG cheers

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