Coming Out: Inbreeding

Tradition, popularity, and a host of other unquestioned habits all conspire to create the illusion of truth…

… and with them a false sense of security.

… a bubble of blissful ignorance that “the faithful” dare not burst… for fear of authority or of what the neighbors might think.

All that’s left is a dismal, timid, monotonous, self-perpetuating “unity” of imitation, docility, predictability, and routine.

Reducing “the faithful” to little more than “drinking buddies”…

… telling each other exactly what they want to hear.

… gleefully toasting their bigotry, scapegoating, and unjustified pride.

… comrades, but never friends.

… united not by mutual affection, but by superficial devotion to a cause that nobody understands.

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2 thoughts on “Coming Out: Inbreeding

  1. Any person or group that will accept you because of belief, will abandon you over unbelief. Interestingly, with fundamentalism of any kind, the friends you have will be the friends you had, merely by declaring a different imagination.

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