Welcome to The Monkey House

What is a sincere and rational person to do trapped on a sphere where billions of his fellow beings are convinced that they know… or at least pretend to know… the what, how, and why of all that exists?

Honesty and integrity leave me no choice but to judge them all guilty, at the very least, of profound ignorance… but the problem does not end there…

As each unjustifiable and incompatible “theory of everything” competes for market share, division and strife are automatic… “uniting” locally only by dividing globally… building barriers where none existed before… between nations, neighbors, tribes, brothers and sisters… setting the stage for never-ending strife that is the predictable child of every irreconcilable allegiance.

And so, no matter how “moderate”, “evolved”, or “tolerant” you think you are… and no matter how “nice” a person you are otherwise… if you persist in strutting around like your particular combo of allegiances and superstitions is “the winner”, you don’t just have a problem…

You are a problem.

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A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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  1. I like the monkey house metaphor. When you visit a monkey house at the zoo, what’s the first thing you notice about it? It stinks. It smells awful. But if you stay there for long, you stop noticing it so much. And if you were to live there, then pretty soon you wouldn’t notice the smell at all any more, and might even forget that the smell was there at all. You have to leave for a while to be able to realize just how bad the smell is, and always was.

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    • Yours is a nice addition to the many ways that the monkey house metaphor may be interpreted, Ubi… one that I had not considered. (A confession, I copped the title from Vonnegut’s collection of short stores) Thanks and peace.


  2. Interesting. Makes me want to listen to Billy Joel’s ‘We didn’t Start the Fire.” I don’t know about “never ending strife and violence,” but I can envision catastrophic events within nations purporting freedoms of various kinds.

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