Coming Out: Fear of Authority, Part III

Is it not patently obvious that obedience, in other words, the “freedom” to obey, is no freedom at all?

How can the rejection of freedom be a virtue under any circumstance?

And so, I insult my humanity every time I allow the powers that be tell me the difference between right and wrong… and I have not just the right, but the moral responsibility to challenge the preachers and politicians… to question not only their pronouncements, but also their motives, and by what right they have ordained themselves.

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A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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  1. It is not so much that freedom is rejected. It can be sacrificed for a greater good. Examples include service to country, a cause, or to love. I find that virtuous. Just because sacrifice is a ploy in religious manipulation does not make it wrong in the secular world.

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  2. Frank, it doesn’t matter what they say. Where is heaven, and what is it like? We can only imagine. So I think the question is answered. Heaven is in the human mind where the brain can imagine anything. What’s the chance of a glorious ascension to an eternal Garden of Eden where the chosen shall stroll or float through the centuries? It is a scam. If we want to get results, the delusional should be kicked where it hurts, right in the resurrection! Cheers! GROG

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