Coming Out: Chosen People

How can the church (religious, political, and otherwise) of your elders not be the only true church?

How can it not be better than the church across the street?

How can it not be better than all the other churches around the world?

So, beware, children of all ages… and don’t be afraid to ask yourself and your elders why this is so.

Learn more… Coming Out: Tribalism


4 thoughts on “Coming Out: Chosen People

  1. Thanks Frank. You are keeping busy, I see. How are things going? I’m still trying to get things straight. Have you been looking at the situation with the Uyghur in Xinjiang? I smile at the conflicted mess that religion has wrought upon humanity. Where would we be if it hadn’t been for JC? Any thoughts? GROG

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    • Not following Xinjiang goings on, GROG… Just too many of my own irons in the fire, but open to anything you have to share.

      Regarding JC, I have a whole battery of thoughts to share in the hopefully not too distant future… Teaser, sneak peek, and spoiler alert: I went searching for Jesus and I FOUND him!

      Thanks and peace.

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