Coming Out: Walking Your Talk

The truth or falsity of its claims aside, a worldview has integrity only to the degree that one lives as if one’s beliefs are true.

So, does my faith, no matter the veracity of its assertions, pass this simple test for authenticity?

Assuming, of course, that my “faith” is not so far-fetched and divorced from reality that it requires no practice at all.

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6 thoughts on “Coming Out: Walking Your Talk

  1. Let’s see…

    When a True Believer™ dies, do his friends and family rejoice because they know that their loved one has gone to heaven? Or do they mourn, because deep down they realize that they will never see him again?

    When someone says they are “born again” and are a “new creation”, do they actually stop being the asshole that they were before? Or are they still the same awful person, just more smug about it?

    In the bible, Jesus prays that all his followers would be “one”. Are the “followers” actively trying to unite and work out their differences, so that there will only need to be one church denomination? Or are they as schismatic and argumentative as everybody else?

    Yeah, at least for christians, I’m not seeing any that live as if their beliefs were true. Except maybe Westboro Baptist.

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