Place Your Bets

What is the “faith” of the rank and file believer but some timid wager on the unknown and unknowable?

… a wager on whose infinitely old invisible man in the sky is “the one true God”.

… a wager on whose “holy scriptures” contain the right formula for admission to paradise.

And a most bizarre kind of wager to boot… one that never cashes out.

Like a surreal game of roulette…

… where the wheel goes round and round and round…

… and the ball goes round and round and round…

… day after day after day.

And the ball never drops…

And the wheel never stops spinning.

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A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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  1. I forget the exact words, but I once heard a priest say that if there is no god, we have been deeply involved mankind’s greatest charade (or scam as GROG said). Not an accurate quote, but close enough.

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      • The earth is filled, well half full, of deluded people who believe in the literal end of the world. That delusion needs to be dispelled. The delusion of the supernatural, salvation (from what?) and resurrection must be ridiculed for what they are, a mental illness. Speaking of mental illness, now the Chinese government is calling religion a mental illness. I’ll go along with that. GROG

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          • In an early lecture Dr. Peter Sapolsky called religion a mental illness. It is schizotypalism, a type of schizophrenia. The idea of the supernatural (heaven) is so pervasive and it really should be identified as a construct of the mind. How are you doing in your godless world? GROG

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              • And that means, moment to moment, live it and love it. Belief, for lack of a better word, I find is too highly “respected”. What, we don’t want to hurt their feelings? If anything they should be ridiculed(at least made fun of) for being taken in by such a scam for so very long! No wonder life is hard for some people, they are trying to lives two lives at once. As you know, once the delusion is gone, you can get on with living your life. “I can see clearly now, the ….” GROG

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