Ode to Agnosticism, Part 1

The entire universe, and our place in it, is beyond mysterious…

so utterly inexplicable that we are at a complete loss… no matter how impeccable our logic or wild our imagination… to explain the existence of a single proton, much less the purpose of a hundred billion galaxies.

And so I declare it time that we all admit our profound ignorance on such matters… and recognize the honesty and integrity contained in three simple words:

“I don’t know.”

Next Meditation: Ode to Agnosticism, Part 2

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A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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        • Thanks for sharing, GROG. I wish I understood quantum physics and string theory. Alas, I am just a Newtonian fellow… That said, I strongly suspect that there is no such thing as “nothing” or nothingness. In other words NOTHINGNESS is theoretically impossible. In fact, one cannot even image “nothing”. When most people talk about nothing, they are really talking about empty space, which is still something. And even if one COULD imagine nothing, even the imagination of nothing is something. All that said, I would place my cosmic bets on infinite universes that have always been and will continue to cycle and recycle as black holes and white holes and big bangs and who knows what. Enough of my random speculation… Back to trying to live a meaningful life given my miniscule, but infinitely precious, sliver of time and space. Cheers!

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