Coming Out: The Lottery

We live on a planet where, every day, thousands of newborns are thrust…

… purely by accident of birth, into circumstances not of their choosing… segregated into the healthy and sick, beautiful and ugly, rich and poor, gifted and disabled, sheltered and vulnerable, educated and ignorant, privileged and outcast… and everything in between.

We live on a planet where millions of human beings, through no fault of their own, have no hope of enjoying the many comforts and opportunities that other millions take for granted…

…. where millions of people would give everything they had in order to have the scraps of food that other millions of people throw away every day.

… where thousands of children die every day from preventable diseases while millions of others bask in conspicuous luxury.

The heartbreaking, nauseating list of injustices goes on and on.

That said, how can anybody be happy in such a world? How anybody enjoy “living the good life” without being oblivious to… or indifferent to… a world rife with materialism and greed… abuse, abandonment, and exploitation… ignorance and intolerance… crime and corruption… tribalism, racism, sexism, chauvinism… starvation, slavery, and genocide… disease, disfigurement, disability, and death?

Learn more… Coming Out: Prudence

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A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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