Free Will, Part 2

I don’t seem to choose my thoughts and feelings, for better or worse…

They seem to choose me

and take me along for the ride,

oftentimes against my will.

And so, I wonder…

Is it possible that free will is the grandest DELUSION of all time?

Is it possible that free will is nothing more than my self-conscious brain playing TRICKS on me?

Is it possible that free will is just a naïve and foolhardy effort to make sense of an ABSURD existence? An emotional rejection of determinism? A conceited attempt to feel more SPECIAL than I really am?

Then again, FREE WILL may be the most infinitely precious thing in the entire cosmos.

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Frank J Peter View All →

A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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  1. Hi Frank. The brain is programmed to survive and goes about making necessary actions and adjustments as necessary to do that as long as possible. The brain eventually convinces us that “we” are who and what we are. Free will is just talking to ourselves and convincing our self that “we” are in control. GROG s

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    • Hey there, GROG. Good to hear from you. No objections to anything you said… although I still commit myself to freedom and choose to live PERSONALLY as if free will is real.. (See Alas, I do not recommend freedom for most other life forms, humans included. I do not think that most know what freedom looks like, much less what to do with it. Thanks and peace, G man!

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