Carrots & Sticks

The threat of punishment or promise of reward…

might get you to “behave” yourself,
but neither one can transform you
into a moral human being.

13 thoughts on “Carrots & Sticks

  1. Carrots and Sticks amounts to Discipline and Correction with Direction and Instruction. They can in fact be the foundation of good morals and a young person well prepared and readied for use and participation in a civil society. So I guess that’s the long form of “I disagree with your premise”. Cheers. -barabbas


    1. I agree that discipline and correction with direction and instruction can build a foundation of good morals and prepare a young person for participation in a civil society.

      So, what premise are you disagreeing with?


      1. Basically, your premise that carrots and sticks can’t lead to good morals. This things I mentioned are what I see as being a detailed description of your “carrots and sticks”. And I think yiiu just agreed with me.


  2. First, not putting words in your mouth just agreeing with what you stated about punishment and rewards can’t morally change a person.

    Second, not political ranting, because it’s a fact. The government is corrupt plain and simple.

    Third, how is it possibly about people like me? Because you said the threat of punishment or reward? That’s not what determines my choices.


    1. Again, you are putting words in my mouth. Punishments and rewards have enormous power to change a person’s behavior. Just look at how big money corrupts government officials on both sides of the aisle..

      Even your religious beliefs are simply and exquisitely explained by classical and operant conditioning.


  3. Hey Frank, I believe some people’s behavior can be influenced by a reward or punishment when they’re ” very young” (I’m talking pre-teen) which has the ability to change their path in life if the parents are morally good. But even still, that’s a gamble! But I agree with you, once you start making your own decisions in life, you are the one that decides what type of person you want to be. Just look at the US leadership right now! Corruption across the board!


    1. This is to inform you that you are being called out– for at least three reasons:
      1) Putting words in my mouth (what are you agreeing with?).
      2) Uninformed and unconstructive political ranting.
      3) Failure to realize that this post is about people like you.


  4. We get our morals from our parents. We learn from what they do and what they say. It is interesting to look back and try to find one’s own roots concerning right and wrong, truth and lies. What a trip, being a human being. Cheers. GROG

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    1. Sixty-one trips around the sun for me so far– and I admit my profound ignorance regarding what’s right and wrong, true and false for the big questions in life. Not stopping my from living with passion and conviction, though. What a long strange trip it’s been. Cheers!

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