Attention Deficit Disorder

Any claim of freedom and dignity extends only as far, wide, and deep as the capacity to direct your own attention…

Easier said than done in a world full of opportunistic salesmen clamoring for market share—everyday and everywhere bombarding you with empty promises of happiness and salvation… with rousing propaganda and superstitious nonsense that have you fearing monsters that don’t exist… with titillating sounds and images exquisitely designed to make you salivate for things that are neither true nor good nor beautiful.

And so, the world turns… readily preying upon your greed and anxieties… luring you from one hypnotic amusement to the next… separating you from your heart, mind, and hard-earned money… distracting you away from anything that really matters… reducing you to a chaser of cheap thrills, easy answers, and booby prizes… and virtually guaranteeing that you will never question why… because you’re far too “busy” being flattered and entertained to death.

Whose fault is all this insanity?

Well, it’s YOUR fault, of course.

The preachers, politicians, and other snake oil salesmen are giving you exactly what you want.

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