Imagine yourself…

… liberated from the stifling grip of obedience and conformity,

… uninhibited by self-consciousness,

… undeterred by criticism and unmoved by flattery,

… unconstrained by tradition and social norms,

… unmotivated by the trappings of wealth, fame, and coercive power,

… having no need for permission, approval, or validation,

… and uncorrupted by ulterior motives.

Imagine yourself master of and slave to no one.

10 thoughts on “Authenticity

  1. Yes, powerful thoughts. On the one hand, the only thing we are not free to choose is our freedom to choose (the existentialist perspective) but that freedom seems hard to achieve day-to-day. To allow yourself to be unapologetic about what you truly believe to be the case, that can be hard. But as you say Frank, imagine yourself…

  2. Picture yourself in a boat on a river… For some reason your post triggered this song. It will be with me the rest of the day.
    Imagine yourself… completely free!

    1. Of course none of are completely free, are we? Forever limited by circumstance, but as long as we have a reason to continue, we press on…

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