Mother Ayahuasca: “Trip” Report, Part I (Background)

It all began with my three times rule…

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Everything you do—or not—casts a vote for what exists in the world…

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Carrots & Sticks

The threat of punishment or promise of reward…

might get you to “behave” yourself,
but neither one can transform you
into a moral human being.

Aversion Therapy

World wars, “civil” wars, genocides, ethnic cleansings, witch hunts, inquisitions, crusades, colonialism, the slave trade, final solutions, the killing fields, extermination camps, and ground zeros…

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Ode to Agnosticism

The entire universe, and our place in it, is beyond mysterious…

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Free Will

I don’t seem to choose my thoughts and feelings…

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Psych 101

The science of human behavior is not as soft as its detractors would have you believe.

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The Three-Letter Word

My name is Frank… and I have an announcement to make…

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Philosopher’s Cramp

No matter how deep my analysis, no matter how clever my arguments, and no matter how elegant my syllogisms…

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