Ayahuasca “Trip” Report, Part 2 (Arrangements)

ayahuasca retreat

Intrigued by the potential therapeutic benefits and satisfied that the health and safety risks were acceptable, I committed myself to “do the experiment”…

And so, I googled “Ayahuasca retreat” and discovered a range of providers of various flavors in exotic and not-so-exotic locations all around the world.

Based on the balanced consideration of cost, schedule, location, travel time, accommodations, and my taste for adventure, I contacted a provider in Latin America that appeared to be knowledgeable, experienced, reputable, and well-organized. After a handful of prompt email exchanges (a big confidence booster, by the way), I sent them a deposit to do three “ceremonies” over the course of a week in the summer of 2016.

And so, the stage was set. I committed myself to do the experiment in earnest–not merely to take a “trip” but to approach the experience as both adventurer and scientist–giving my skepticism and open-mindedness their full force to keep each other honest–and with the sincere intention to allow the experience to speak for itself.

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Author: Frank J Peter

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