Ayahuasca “Trip” Report, Part 7 (Advice)

ayahuasca retreat

Nothing I’ve said in this series should be interpreted as an endorsement of Ayahuasca or DMT

It is but one man’s personal account that should be viewed only in the context of far more extensive research on your part. It is your responsibility to arm yourself with a healthy skepticism and to educate yourself regarding the risks and alleged benefits.

To that end, I encourage you to seek information from multiple independent sources…

  • Search “dmt” and “ayahuasca” on Google, Wikpedia, and YouTube.
  • Read Rick Strassman’s “The Spirit Molecule”.
  • Watch Joe Rogan’s Podcasts on the subject.
  • Read many first-hand accounts on personal blogs.
  • Google “ayahuasca retreat” and get a feel for the kinds of providers available.
  • Educate yourself on any contraindications to doing Ayahuasca/DMT, such as taking Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs).

If, after all, you decide to “do the experiment”, I encourage you to take the following considerations very seriously…

  1. The attitude, competence, and integrity of your providers can make or break the experience. Choose them carefully, with special attention to any health or safety concerns.
  2. The character, maturity, and behavior of your fellow travelers has a profound influence on your experience, for better or worse. Ideally, they should be mature people who you enjoy, trust, and care about. The mutual support and feelings of safety all set the stage for having “a good trip”.
  3. Have at least two safety contacts. Let them know where and when you will be and check in with them as appropriate (just like informing others of a hike in the woods or sending a safe arrival call after a late-night drive home.)
  4. Take your preparation very seriously. If you want to have a productive trip, you must fill your mind with clear and positive intentions while eliminating all negativity and anxiety. (see Frank’s Notes below).

Frank’s Notes Regarding Mindful Preparation

  1. Your cognitive-emotional state as you begin the ceremony is likely to be greatly amplified while you are under the influence.
  2. There is nothing otherworldly about this phenomenon. It is simple priming… a perfectly natural, well-understood, and routine brain function.
  3. In a nutshell, your brain naturally tends to follow a stream of consciousness where one thought or feeling tends to trigger similar thoughts and feelings.
  4. Simply put, positive thoughts and feelings tend to trigger other positive thoughts and feelings, while negative thoughts and feelings tend to trigger other negative thoughts and feelings.
  5. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that you get your stream of consciousness leaning in a desirable direction by filling your mind with clear and honorable intentions and positive affirmations… and without any doubts regarding your health and safety.
  6. Any negativity or anxiety risks a most unpleasant experience, as happened to me during my “bad trip”.
  7. Mindful preparation in the form of meditation or self-hypnosis is ultimately your responsibility and best not left to chance.
  8. The ceremonial aspects of the preparation… fasting, diet restrictions, abstinence from sex and drugs, ritual washing, and exotic settings… have value only to the extent that they facilitate priming your mind with positive thoughts and honorable intentions.

Allow me to wrap up my Ayahuasca “trip” report with two closing thoughts…

  1. Ayahuasca/DMT is not a recreational drug. Nobody should try it “just for fun”. Don’t even consider “doing the experiment” unless you have the cognitive-emotional maturity to do so as an explorer, not a thrill seeker… with clear and honorable intentions and your eyes wide open regarding the risks and alleged benefits.
  2. If you have any doubts regarding your intentions, concerns about doing anything illegal, or have any discomfort regarding your health and safety, don’t do it. There is no shame in being cautious and deciding that you have better things to do with your time and money.

Thanks for visiting. Questions and comments are always welcome. Peace.

Author: Frank J Peter

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