A Meditation on Faith: Scapegoating

The evils of finger-pointing run much broader and deeper than… and are more consequential than… the childish avoidance of blame… Continue reading


A Meditation on Faith: Aversion Therapy

World wars, civil wars, ethnic cleansings, witch hunts, inquisitions, crusades, the slave trade, final solutions, killing fields, extermination camps, genital mutilation, fatwas, and ground zeros… to name but a few. Continue reading

A Meditation on Faith: Hedging Your Bets

Simple observation of human behavior shows that most of “the faithful” live in a perpetual state of yes-no… Continue reading

A Meditation on Faith: The Mystery

The entire universe refuses to be reduced to logic. Continue reading

A Meditation on Faith: Obedience Unmasked

In the patriarchal system, the only allowable freedom is the “choice” to obey the authorities… or else. Continue reading