Coming Out: Interfaith Dialogue

I have deep reverence for knowledge, freedom, beauty, opportunity, gratitude, courage, curiosity, honesty, friendship, compassion, adventure, diversity, community, humility, generosity, enjoyment, thrift, understanding, integrity, creativity, fair play, spontaneity, affection, passion, empathy, autonomy, responsibility, science, reason, love, power, and justice. Continue reading


A Meditation on Faith: Agency

What does it take to transform life from something that merely happens to me to something that happens because of me? Continue reading

A Meditation on Faith: Imagine

Someday, when we are mature enough, wise enough, and brave enough… Continue reading

A Meditation on Faith: The Golden Rule, XIV

I don’t care if LOVE is a delusion… Continue reading

A Meditation on Faith: The Golden Rule, Part XIII

LOVE… forever anguished by its limitations… Continue reading