A Meditation on Life: Accountability

Despite the many honorable accomplishments of the human race to date, we still have a long way to go to bring responsible freedom, peace, and justice to our giant ball of confusion. Continue reading

Inspiring Reading: Gandhi, Satyagraha

gandhi-satyagrahaHis is one of the most recognizable faces and inspiring lives of all time, but do you really know this man and what he so passionately stood for?

Read Satyagraha only if you dare to go beyond the “easy” Gandhi — the popular hero to admire from a safe distance… and are ready to be challenged by the “hard” Gandhi — the wise and courageous teacher that so few of us have the guts to emulate.

Even if you consider the Mahatma’s dream and methods to be naïve and foolhardy, prepare yourself. The exemplary deeds of this man… who was willing to, and indeed did, die for a cause greater than himself… should move us all to reflect deeply on our daily conduct and allegiances… and upon the many ways that we routinely contribute to, or at least mutely accept, injustice.

And as I read Gandhi’s closing words, I was struck by a most challenging thought that pierced the routine of my otherwise ordinary day: Perhaps true Satyagraha, like true Christianity and other radical forms of love, has never really been tried.