Finding Yourself, Part 1

The reason you fail to achieve a challenging goal…

… isn’t because you’re stupid, lazy, weak, or untalented, isn’t because you’re a quitter or procrastinator, and isn’t because you lack discipline or self-control.

The real reason is lack of something infinitely higher and deeper: CLARITY of PURPOSE.

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12 thoughts on “Finding Yourself, Part 1

  1. Well said, as usual, Frank. I think this is often true. I’d also widen the range of possible reasons we fail to achieve to include those outside of what we control. To my mind, in the USA, the favored reasons for failure too often ignore the human condition and the challenges it brings. Sometimes we don’t climb the mountain because the mountain is too high, we are too weak, the weather is too bad, and we are too old or too young, etc. If we set aside such things as those, what you’ve said is spot on. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for adding those important caveats, Gerald. I would also include physical and mental illness, religious and political indoctrination, sexism, racism, substance abuse, poverty, crime, corruption, terrorism, censorship, famine, natural disaster, colonialism, slavery, inadequate education, authoritarianism, and trauma in so many forms… each and every one one a destroyer of potential and deserving of countless dissertations.

  2. Hmmmm … perhaps so, at least in some cases. And a lack of clarity of purpose is likely due in part to so many distractions that we are unable or unwilling to simply tune out. Makes sense …

    1. Indeed. Alas, I fear that most people are indoctrinated into living secondhand lives imposed upon them before the age of consent by the religious, political, and economic powers that be. Thanks for being here.

  3. This is brilliant. I’d not thought of achievement like this before; it’s absolutely spot on.

    1. Thanks, as always, for your most kind words and ongoing encouragement, Kath. Knowing that thoughtful and decent people like you are out there gives me hope that all is not for naught.

      1. Not for naught for me Frank – you’re managing to put things into words so eloquently. They hone my thoughts more than a bit.

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