Finding Yourself, Part 5

You should be so fortunate to be moved by something greater than your own comfort, ease, and safety…

… possessed by something so compelling that there’s no question of pursuing it—because it represents the deepest expression of who you truly are—so much so that you cannot imagine life any other way—and so deeply that you consider it a privilege to suffer for it.

8 thoughts on “Finding Yourself, Part 5

  1. I may not comment on all of your posts, Frank, but trust me, every one I read challenges me to become a better version of myself. And that’s what I aspire to.

    1. Wow, Larry! Your spirit of generosity and most kind words of appreciation made my day. And your resonance is deeply heartening. A toast to becoming better versions of ourselves!

  2. Something greater than your own comfort? Unfortunately, too many think that must refer to politics. I appreciate your sentiment, though, Frank. It appeals to the best within us.

    1. Thanks for being here, Gerald (not just in your thoughtful and generous commentary, but on planet earth).

      As for me… still lots of work to do walking my talk. Cheers!

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