Free Will, Part 3

My first act of faith is to commit myself to FREEDOM

I commit myself to FREEDOM not on logical, but on moral grounds.

I commit myself to FREEDOM because I refuse to be a mere effect in an indifferent universe.

I commit myself to FREEDOM because, without it, all talk of character, virtue, ethics, and love is nonsense.

I commit myself to FREEDOM because rejecting it relinquishes my dignity and power.

I commit myself to FREEDOM because every attempt to escape from freedom causes me pain.

7 thoughts on “Free Will, Part 3

  1. “The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.” (James A. Garfield)

    Sartre said something like: the only thing we are not free is our freedom to choose.

  2. We do agree on the importance of freedom. We so love to require commitment from one another that none of us knows what the real thing feels like, but I’ve gone to the mat defending mine (and as many folks as I can inspire to do the same).

    When I was a child there were posters which said, “If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.”

    I like best the soulmate definition of Neal Donald Walsh in “Conversations With God,” where it is written, “Everyone on Earth is your soulmate. If you are buying newspapers from the man on the corner and you are doing it in full awareness, for those few minutes that man is your soulmate.”

    1. Thanks so much for adding your always well considered thoughts, Ana. BTW, I just finished your series titled “Contentment” 💛

      1. Ya, we don’t need to toss technology, not at all, but ~ and we do in many ways seem to actually be beginning to do this ~ must look to future technologies which bring us into closer touch and better alignment with our home planet rather than otherwise, yes?

        Personally and privately, I’m pretty sure those who have been hopping off the fence (it’s that time for all of us doncha think) in the direction of enormous profiteering from worldwide sorrows believe they will be setting up exclusive shop elsewhere than this planet, leaving the rest of us resourceless and enslaved.

        I also think those individuals will find at the last moment mysterious and debilitating malfunctions in any transportation devices designed to get them there.

        Well aware that’s about as farfetched as theories get.

        Also very aware that throughout my very strange life it’s been the predictions which I back-burnered for rampant unlikelihood of detail which tended to manifest with eye popping specificity. Got a few stories like that.

        Okay, I’ve rattled on long enough ~ too much fun, this communion. Have a peaceful evening!

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