Judgement Day

I don’t believe in SIN…

… if, by SIN, you mean something I’m going to be punished for in some supposed afterlife.

I’ll do my own reckoning, thank you, in this very place and at this very moment–quite capable of feeling the pangs of and bearing the consequences of not living up to my own standards of right and wrong.

2 thoughts on “Judgement Day

  1. I believe in karma in the popular usage (what goes around comes around) and in the formal usage of determining a starting point for one’s next incarnation.

    1. Thanks for sharing… a lovely thought that “what goes around comes around”. Alas, it seems that “Shit happens” is a more dominant law of the universe.

      That said, I try to put good karma out there as best I can, not because it might buy me something in some supposed reincarnation, but holding onto hope that good tends to beget good–in places and at times I will never know. This, to me, is more than enough reason to live an ethical life.

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