An idea, ethic, or principle is defensible only to the degree that it can be discussed without censorship or coercion…

…. and can therefore be accepted or rejected on its own merits, not the pronouncements of the powers that be.

“Because we have always done it this way!” is not a reason.

“Because God said so!” is not a reason.

“Because that’s what the holy scriptures say!” is not a reason.

“Because that’s what ‘a good Christian’ is supposed to do!” is not a reason.

“Because that’s what ‘a good American’ is supposed to do!” is not a reason.

Only a truly moral person can argue right from wrong without appeals to tradition, authority, obedience, conformity, divine command, or patriotism.

2 thoughts on “Justification

  1. Indeed. If you need a “holy book” to tell you right from wrong, you’re not living ethically or authentically. Bad faith. That’s just being lazy. As you also say, an argument from tradition is no argument at all, merely saying “because”.

    1. Thanks for the resonance, David. Bad faith indeed. The good news is that [misplaced] trust in the gatekeepers is eroding in places where free speech prevails. Alas, stifling censorship still dominates the lives of most hapless souls around the world. Not sure what to do about that. Who knows? Perhaps one of your posts will penetrate that bubble of ignorance and fear someday. A toast to hoping so.

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