A Cancer Journey: My Colon Cancer, Part 8

colon cancer

Just in case I don’t survive…

I want to be cremated… immediately.

No funeral.

I don’t want those who care about me to see me dead.

Neither do I want to burden them with having to dress up in black and endure some ridiculous ceremony, religious or otherwise.

I want them to remember me at my best and to celebrate a life well-lived in a manner and time of their own choosing (or not).

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Author: Frank J Peter

A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

3 thoughts on “A Cancer Journey: My Colon Cancer, Part 8”

  1. I have been asking what they want. Still waiting for answers. Tough topics, but still…

    1. Sorry about that, Bill.

      For what it’s worth, at the risk of giving unsolicited advice, I follow two life principles that might help should the answer not come:1) Everyone who leaves a decision up to me has ZERO grounds to criticize my decision… and 2) The hungriest one gets to cook. BTW, “everyone” includes parents, siblings, other survivors, busybodies, whoever.

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