A Cancer Journey: My Prostate Cancer, Part 9

prostate cancer

Can you state your full name and date of birth?

And what are you here for today, Mister Peter?

Taxotere Infusion, advanced prostate cancer.

Poked. Flushed. Antihistamined. Infused. Heparined. Neulasted.

Chemo nurses rock.

Driving home trying to imagine the epic microbiological warfare about to be waged inside me.

Fingers crossed.

Bracing for the side effects.

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Author: Frank J Peter

A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

4 thoughts on “A Cancer Journey: My Prostate Cancer, Part 9”

  1. Your writing sears and sees. I hope you feel Presence around you. My heart is with you.

    1. Your most kind words of appreciation mean lots coming from a writer of your caliber, Richard.

      Thanks & Peace.

      1. Thank you, Frank. It is a joy to hear from you.

        In the Word we are siblings.

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