Everything you do—or not—casts a vote for what exists in the world…

Every habit, occupation, possession, pastime, and dollar spent.

Every relationship, membership, and allegiance.

Every acceptance or rejection.

Every promise kept or broken.

Every honesty or pretense.

Every encouraging or discouraging word.

Every act of forgiveness or resentment, generosity or greed, compassion or indifference, courage or cowardice, hope or despair.

Every mistake never owned, every olive branch rejected, every dollar squandered, every heartbeat wasted, every cry for help ignored, every talent buried, every generous impulse never acted upon, every decision to look the other way.

Everything you do—or not—is contagious—with the potential to spread farther and wider than you can ever know.

So, what do you want people to catch from you today?

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