Philosopher’s Cramp

No matter how impeccable my logic, and no matter how clever my arguments, I’ve never been able to reason my way to a meaningful life…

But if the thinker in me is wise enough, honest enough, humble enough, and courageous enough, his repeated failures to think his way to meaning will teach him many priceless lessons:

He will discover that thinking is NOT the highest function of a sentient mind.

…that thinking and consciousness are not synonyms.

…that getting the “right” answers will do him no good if he is asking the wrong questions.

…that intellect alone is too narrow, shallow, and crude to answer the most important questions in life.

…that his compulsive need to explain everything renders him blind and deaf to the simple truths that are right before his eyes and ears.

…that true knowledge and profound wisdom are the fruit of superior experience, not superior intellect.

…that knowledge without action is a pointless self-indulgence.

…that life doesn’t have to make sense, but it still needs to be lived.

…that he need not solve the mystery of life in order to live the mystery of life–with passion and purpose.

… and that certain secrets of the universe will be revealed to him only after he’s had the courage to leave the convenient, comfortable, safe, and predictable behind–secrets that logic cannot deduce, words cannot express, and thoughts cannot think.

2 thoughts on “Philosopher’s Cramp

  1. What I need to make up my mind about is what I must
    do, not what I must know, except insofar as knowledge
    must precede every action…the vital thing is to find
    a truth which is truth for me, to find the idea for
    which I can live and die. Of what use would it be to
    me if I discovered a so-called objective truth…if
    it had no deeper significance for me and my life.
    (Søren Kierkegaard)

    1. Thanks for sharing this, man. Alas, the temptation to grasp for anything that will rescue us from responsibility and the need to act with courage if too often the winner. Thanks & Peace, brother.

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