Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Who are we who inhabit the “developed” and “developing” world?

At “the top” a tiny minority groomed for aristocracy–a privileged caste bred in comfort, ease, and safety–reared to think that they “have it” and are entitled to own and rule.

At “the bottom” hundreds of millions reared to join the docile, obedient, disposable masses–channeled this way or that by forces not of their making–trained to believe that they DON’T “have it” and are destined to do the dirty work and heavy lifting.

So, which of these would I rather be?

The answer, of course, is neither.

How can anyone claim freedom and dignity as a slave beneath or master above another human being?

8 thoughts on “Rich Dad, Poor Dad

    1. Indeed, teacher Mike. Alas, we are all immersed in a toxic sludge of dominance hierarchies… economic, religious, cultural, medical, educational, military, political, other.

  1. I’m with you … I’d rather be neither. What I’d really rather is for all resources to be equally divided among all, and then nobody has too much nor too little. But, of course, human nature being what it is, that won’t ever happen. In my next life I plan to be a wolf … much more equality there! 🐺

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