Coming Out: The Five-Letter-Word, Part I

How did we humans ever get to the point where “having faith”, in other words, believing the unbelievable, is held in such high regard? Continue reading


Coming Out: The Seven-Letter-Word, Part II

Call me an atheist, if you will, but do know this… Continue reading

Coming Out: Full Disclosure

Be advised! BE ADVISED!!! Continue reading

Coming Out: The Seven-Letter-Word, Part I

I wonder how many readers noticed the complete absence of the words ATHEIST and ATHEISM in my two previous posts… “Coming Out: Hello World!” & “Coming Out: The Three-Letter Word, Part I”? Continue reading

Coming Out: The Three-Letter-Word, Part I

I don’t believe in god, gods, God, “God”, GOD, G-O-D, G*O*D, [god], or <GOD>… Continue reading