A Meditation on Faith: Sunday School

How can any intelligent and decent person think that training a creche of impressionable young minds to dutifully and mindlessly recite some regurgitated mumbo jumbo about God, Allah, Yahweh, or whatever constitutes an education in life, purpose, and morality? Continue reading


A Meditation on Faith: Self-Evidence

Can we all agree that honesty, knowledge, friendship, freedom, responsibility, love, compassion, creativity, and courage are good things? Continue reading

A Meditation on Faith: The Three Letter Word

Sweeping all our ignorance under the rug called “God”, Allah, Yahweh, or whatever… Continue reading

A Meditation on Faith: Welcome to The Monkey House

What is a sincere and rational person to do trapped on a sphere where billions of his fellow beings are convinced that they know… or at least pretend to know… the what, how, and why of all that exists? Continue reading